Why Do Credit Repair Agencies Get Better than 90% Success Rate in Cleaning Your Credit File

There are a lot of credit repair agencies out there and boy they will clean your file. However they sometimes have other agendas.

This is the challenge: “I double dog dare you to check their other services”.

Credit Repair AgenciesHere are the red flags:

Debt Consolidation Loans



Free Credit File

And the likes…

Why are they red flags? They shove their “other” services to your face. My analogy is like a vet and a butcher in the same job.

Why we are different …we only offer Credit Repair. We don’t offer debt consolidation and we are not tied by any financial entity. We met former debt collectors had a beer or two, and came up with the realization that the light builds better karma for ourselves. Yes we do sell our services, nothing more and nothing less. With the same tools as these finance behemoths have, we are up there, in that pedestal of Credit Repair excellence.



    • The joke is, everyone is familiar with what a Unicorn is, how it looks, it’s not something friggin’ awesome… til’ you see it in real life. There are a lot of unicorns err… truth to these companies, one of our subscribers even declared that a certain “bleep” “bleep” company, pushed him/her to just go bankrupt. I mean come on, common sense peeps, right?

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