Credit Black Listed Small Business Owners are Suffering in Northern Rivers and Tweed Valley

With a major spike in bankruptcies in the Northern Rivers and Tweed Valley, there is a new solution that may help many barred from mainstream financial lenders get their names off the credit blacklist.

The most recent Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) report shows over the last three months there has been a 30% jump in the personal bankruptcies relating to small business in the Northern Rivers and Tweed Valley region.Black Listed

Small business owners and their families in the region are feeling the burn of the economic downturn.When a small business hits the wall, the business owner feel the full burn out by having their personal finance dragged into the equation. A credit default for a small business owner can be a death knell as it stops them from obtaining lines of credit that are critical during business downturns. Once credit lines are pulled, that can drive small business into the wall at high speed.

The solution, clean your credit files with Credit Reboot. We developed this app for everyone who is financially stuck because of bad credit. As a previous small business proprietor, I know the worth of a quick loan, and also know the penance if this will come from payday loans and the likes. Credit Reboot is a DIY tool that helps in cleaning a credit file. The app uses the same tools as professionals and yields more 95% success rate when cleaning files.

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