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Loan Eliminator
Home Loans from 0.75%

Hassle free Mortgage Broker that knows how to package and present an application to
give you the ultimate financial solution.

Getting a “No” from a bank doesn’t have to
mean your property search is over.


Dealing with banks directly can be confusing and a complete waste of your precious time, and this can leave you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated. If you’ve found your dream property and all you need is a “yes” then it’s time to talk to the experts at EFS.

All the hard work is done for you


Save time, Money & Frustrations

Get access to cheaper interest rates than even your bank has access to, we can find the best deal for you.


Increase Your Borrowing Capacity

With a variance in borrowing capacities between lenders, we know who the friendly ones are to maximise your borrowings.


Expand Your Property Portfolio

Your property portfolio can be limited by having the wrong loan structure. we know how to structure your loans to maximise your potential