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What to do if debt collectors are calling me?
Should I pay my debts back?
How much does this cost?

Of course, this depends on your challenges. You can contact us for an assessment without charge. We can repair your credit file for as little as $497.00, or handle mortgage shortfalls higher than $2 Millon negotiated down to cents in the dollar. Most of the time we are solving our clients $200K problems, for a small fraction of that. If we do not save you at least double what you spend with us, we will give your money back no questions asked.

What debts can I get you negotiate for me?

All consumer debts and most business debts. These include multiple Credit Cards, Personal loans, Telco, utility, debt collectors, car loans, mortgages, investment loans and personal guarantees on business loans.

What is secured and unsecured debt?

Unsecured debts include credit cards or personal loans. Secured debts are normally associated with property or equipment, where if you default on the debt the goods or property will be repossessed.


Can I keep the card after the negotiation?

No, however you can apply for one of the other 163 credit card service providers available to you! For example; If we exit you from Citibank credit card there is nothing to stop you to successfully apply for a card at another lender, unless you have issues with your credit score which we can also assist with.

How many cards can I get you to negotiate for me?

How many do you have? There is no limit to the number of cards or loans we can negotiate on your behalf.

How does the process work?

Our team are all ex-debt collectors. We know that banks/finance companies/debt collection agencies often make mistakes or breach compliance… and we know where to find those mistakes. Out of the 1000’s  file we have reviewed, there are often mistakes. We use those mistakes to hold the credit Provider to the full compliance of Credit Code and obtain a clean credit file and reduced debt payment for you. Why not Book a call


How long does the negotiation take?

This really depends on the situation. This is not an overnight fix and each lender is a negotiation that they do not want to have. They will delay and make it difficult but the good news is that as soon as we start you should not hear from them again until you have an offer.  But a small credit repair task could take as little as two weeks or two months. A substantial financial loss of $1million on a real estate deal gone wrong could be twelve months. Every situation is different.

How much will you save me?

We negotiate a debt settlement which will be a substantial discount from the amount owed, for example, if you owed $50,000 on credit cards we may negotiate a discount of $25,000 or more. In some cases, we could also install an interest-free payment plan on balance.

We hope this has answered your questions and understand that this is difficult to talk about and can be even harder to ask for help. The only thing that can make your situation worse is doing nothing. The debt becomes larger, the hole is deeper and harder to get out of.

Our promise to you is that just after we speak, the weight of your debt will start to lift off your shoulders. We will give you a different perspective on it, and it will stop occupying time and space in your mind.

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We do not take on clients unless we are confident in negotiating a substantial reduction in your debt. We often negotiate settlements for a few cents in the dollar and affordable low-monthly payment plans with zero interest.

If we don’t save a minimum of 200% of the fee with us, we will instantly give you a 100% refund.