Frequently asked questions and answers!


Are Credit Providers still calling you?

We understand that some of our clients are still getting calls from Credit Providers. You don’t have to take the call, however, we understand this isn’t something you want to deal with after appointing Credit Reboot as your representative. Watch this to understand more!

Why are Credit Providers saying that haven’t heard from Credit Reboot?

Client’s have come back to us and told us that Credit Providers are saying they haven’t heard from the team at Credit Reboot at all. Find out why they are saying this and get to the bottom of it!

Why are Credit Providers still charging me interest?

You may receive statements from Credit Providers from debts we are disputing on your behalf. Those statements may indicate that the bank are attempting to charge you interest. They cannot charge interest on a non-compliant disputed loan. There IT department has simply not updated the mainframe that produces the statements. Watch this for more details

Freezing payments while with Credit Reboot. | Part 1 of 10

Whilst you’re having your debts negotiated with Credit Reboot don’t worry about the repayments hanging over your head and interest building!

Is my credit file going to be marked? | Part 2 of 10

Why you won’t get a black mark on your file with credit reboot and how to keep everything protected!

How do you know if there will be compliance breaches? | Part 3 of 10

How we’re able to tell there will be compliance breaches before we even have a look at your file?

How long does renegotiation take? | Part 4 of 10

How long will you be waiting around for a result when the issue is hanging over you!

What happens if a credit provider keeps calling? | Part 5 of 10

How to handle those calls and what to do? Why getting a call isn’t bad!

Why shouldn’t you pled hardship! | Part 6 of 10

Hardship is NOT the answer, why you shouldn’t plead hardship, and the reasons why we don’t!

Is it all too good to be true? | Part 7 of 10

We understand Credit Reboot is doing something that others aren’t, so is it too good to be true?

So how do we compare? | Part 8 of 10

Why we’re different than other providers and what Credit Reboot does differently!

You don’t need to close your Business due to debt! | Part 9 of 10

You don’t need to throw in the towel straight away, have the conversation first to see what your options are!

Do NOT take a debt holiday | Part 10 of 10

It’s no secret that there’s offers almost everywhere to freeze your debts for 6+ months. However, there are reasons why you shouldn’t!