Customer Testimonials And Media


Pat Business Owner was facing $54, 000 worth of debt.
Patrick was helpless before contacting Credit Reboot, him and his wife were looking at mountains of debt after being affected by the bushfires and also COVID-19.

$80, 000 debt Family Man’s life changed!
Manik heard about Credit Reboot after loosing a job and struggling with large debts from multiple Credit Cards.
After working in Finance himself he knew there had to be a better way to manage this all.
Manik not only got his Debt reduced but talked the big boss into getting a job and becoming a Debt Executive himself to help others in similar situations!

Got Scott’s debt of $7,000 Personal Loan Balance Waived
The debt occurred when their expenses were higher than their income, along with the problems they had in their business. It didn’t help their situation. So, Scott started looking around for something that could help them with their financial situation.
Got Jenn’s debt of $25,000 DOWN TO $8,125
Jenn fell for a scam! They asked for more money, and it was too late when she learned that it was a scam and not 100% true. By then, Jenn was already in so much debt. She looked into debt consolidation but advised that they couldn’t help because of the type of debt. She kept searching on google until she found CreditReboot. Watch to learn more about how CreditReboot was able to help Jenn.

What did your repayments look like vs how are they now?
Jason had $35 000 worth of debt, with the help of credit reboot Jason was able to get $200 fortnightly payments reduced from a hefty $750 that he was dealing with before!

How was the communication with Credit Reboot Throughout?
Jason was new to the entire process and was concerned about the length of time the negotiation would take. After speaking with the Credit Reboot team he then realised that the longer the strong arming took with the creditors the better the outcome he would get!

What would you tell future Credit Reboot Clients?
Jason was once like you! Unsure about what avenue to take to be able to live his best life! Listen to what he has to say now he has been through the process.

How did you hear about us?
How did you hear about the team at Credit Reboot! News channels? Google? Facebook? Instagram? There are countless ways to get to us! We’re just glad you are here!

What was life like before Credit Reboot?
Jason shares how he was feeling before Credit Reboot stepped in as his representative!

How did Credit Reboot help you achieve your goals?
How was Credit Reboot contributing to your future goals, now that Jason was free of the debt anchor!

Jon ($54K to $0)
Jon had been paying off an old credit card debt for 15 years The monthly interest was similar to the monthly repayment.
After 15 years the balance was still in excess of $50,000 and he had a black mark on his credit file. He attempted to negotiate a settlement without success. Jon then called CreditReboot

Mick (defaults)
Mick had been sold a car by a dodge gold coast car dealer. The insert rate was criminally high. He returned the car, paid out the balance and walked away. The jaded car salesman had Mick’s credit file black marked and recorded a factious debt. Some years later Mick applied for a loan to help with wedding expenses and was rejected. He discovered the debt was recorded and the black mark on his file; he called CreditReboot.

Australian’s 2nd Highest Personal Debt Level in the World

  • Reduce debt 50%- 90% no impact on your credit file
  • Imagine paying back a discounted settlement without any interest on the balance
  • Debts strain relationship and family relationship
  • Australian hold 1-2 highest personal debt level in the world
  • NOW is the time (during COVID-19) to wipe debt slate clean – forever
  • Do not do Debt agreement or get cheap loans

How Can You Help With My Personal Debts

  • We owned a large debt collection agency
  • Moved from the dark side to the light side – and now help people out of debt
  • We learned what happens behind locked doors in credit departments
  • We know the insider secrets

We’re Ex-Debt Collectors

  • Debt holiday are not the answer
  • The interest is add to the debt
  • We know debt collection secrets that means you may not have to pay interests
  • Now is the time to bury debts

Who is this service for ..

  • Its for people with Credit Card, Mortgage, business or personal debt.
  • List ALL 4 things that happen when you subscribe

There are often compliance breaches on your loan

  • Our software does checks on your credit facility to compliance breaches
  • There are often compliance breaches, based on compliance breaches we negotiate debt discounts
  • Quote the laws regarding credit breaches and how the software finds breach
  • Legal letters sent to credit providers explaining where they have breached compliance

Do not plead financial hardship

  • Only Creditreboot uses compliance breaches to negotiate a discount on your debts
  • Part 9 or debt agreement are a kin bank ruptcy
  • Your credit file will be marked with debt agreements, we don’t do that