Why Can’t You Talk to Us on the Telephone

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No one wants to have a conversation with a debt collector, particularly when your workmates can eavesdrop.BLOG2 - Not on the Phone

All debt collection companies walk in a fine line of following debt laws and legislation. However, they do not care of your surroundings. They may be compliant in calling you, but they don’t care about your office mate, who sits beside or you’re your girlfriend.

We understand… we value privacy. We found that our subscribers feel more comfortable when using LiveChat because its silent… people near you can’t hear you. The number one privacy issue that LiveChat eliminates is eavesdropping. Now you can safely chat about your debt and credit issues without worrying if someone is listening. You can even use your mobile.

See for yourself, I’ll be chatting with you from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Brisbane, as always, one ping away.